What is your Shared Shuttle refund policy?

Full refund if you provide at least 15 days notice. No forms to fill in, just email us and say you want to cancel. Refund is automatic. 14 days or less there is no refund for any reason. These terms are clearly noted on your ticket. We strongly advise you to secure travel insurance to cover the risk of you needing to cancel.

Do you provide pickups from Heathrow Airport to our central London Hotel? 

We are based 3 hours away from Heathrow. We operate only large 6/7/8 seat minivans. So, your 45 minute ride into London becomes a 6 hours mission for my driver. So the price of ?155 Pounds only becomes viable if you are a group of at least 6 people.

If we land Heathrow on the same day as your Shuttle service to the port, will you pick us up? 

No. We used to years ago but not any more. What do we do with a van full of people if your flight is delayed?

Which hotels do you pickup from in London?

Any hotel in central London. Because we make only three pickups, we can come to your hotel, no matter where it is (in central London)

We're bringing an electric scooter, will it fit in your van?

Yes, but you must tell us at the time of booking (in the 'other information' box). We will then send the van with the additional luggage trailer.

Do we pay now or shall we pay the driver?

We don't usually accept cash and we don't give credit, so advance payment is required for everything. When making a booking, the final part of the process is payment. You can use any credit / charge card including AmEx.

There are just two of us and we want to stop at Stonehenge on the way to the ship. Can you help?

Our Shared Shuttle makes no tour stops. It is a direct service. We operate only large Mercedes Minivans (no regular cars). You could hire the whole van, but it will be very expensive. If you are a group of 6 or 7 people then it becomes very much more viable. Details here.



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