Shared Shuttle Luggage

We often get asked ‘How much luggage can we bring’. And our simple answer is ‘ As much as you like – just tell us first!’ We don’t charge for excessive luggage. We don’t nickle and dime you for anything. When you book on line, you get to tell us your luggage count. That figure gets appended to your ticket and it gives us a good idea of what you will have.

If you end up with more than you declared, just email us and we will change it – no charge.

Normally, we expect cruise ship customers to have one large case and one carry on each. But we can take more – just tell us.

We once received a booking for 2 people with 12 cases of luggage off the Queen Mary. I sent an extra large van. It turned out they were emigrating from USA to France.

What we don’t expect – Bicycles, surfboards, caged animals or anything which required two men to lift.

How many cases will you have?

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