Southampton Shared Shuttle Transfers

Currently Suspended for 2021

(Large Van, shared with others on same cruise who each book with us independently)

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LOndon to Southampton Shuttle Service

Silver Fleet Southampton Shuttle is an independent, door-to-door, shared passenger transfer service available one way or round trip to/from any popular Cruise Ship berthed at Southampton. Established 2001 with a reputation for reliability, timeliness and service.

Time table 2022

FromHeathrow HotelsPickup Between 9am and 10amtoSouthamptonETA11:45am

67 GBP

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FromCentral LondonPickup Between 9am and 10am toSouthamptonETA11:45am

72 GBP

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some Ships

07:00am departure





67 GBP

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Frommost Ships

09:30am departure




67 GBP

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Frommost Ships09:30am departuretoCentral LondonETA12:30pm

72 GBP

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Prices are per person, one way and include all taxes etc - nothing more to pay.

For the round trip price, just add the outbound price to the inbound price. Please book on-line here

As we approach your travel date, some options may become fully booked and removed from the booking menu.

Full money back guarantee if you cancel 15 days or more before travel


How it Works

To your Ship on Sailing DayImage title

Each driver will be tasked to collect 3 couples from 3 different addresses in London or near Heathrow. We schedule the pickups according to location. If you are staying farthest from the ship, then yours will be the first pickup at 9:00am. Working towards the ship the whole time, we make the remaining pickups in a logical, geographic order. If you are staying in a hotel close to Heathrow yours is likely to be the final pickup at about 10:00am. We reach your ship between 11:30am and 12:00noon (depending on traffic.) We will collect you from any Hotel, apartment or private address in Central London (yes ANY HOTEL!!). We can sometimes make pickups outside of Central London, feel free to ask.

We drop you right at your ship - where the porters take the luggage.

Each booking will be issued a specific planned pickup time (of between 9am and 10am). This information is calculated 48 hours before travel and will be emailed to you. If you do not have access to your email while you're away from home, then please call the office after 1pm the day before, or two days prior to travel. (we're all busy driving up until 1pm and cannot answer calls easily).

All credit cards and debit cards accepted - Please book on-line here.

To your Ship on the day prior to sailing.   (Not available everyday)

Pickup routine is same as for sailing day, only this time we will drop you off at your chosen hotel in or near Southampton. In some instances you will be sharing with people who sail the same day on a different ship, in which case we drop them at their ship first, then drop you off at your hotel. If the service is available for your date, you can book on-line. Just select your cruise line and ship, and the all date options will show.

Sometimes we might be able to offer you places 2 or 3 days in advance of your cruise. You'll need to email your enquiry.

From your Ship- 67 GBP p/p to any Heathrow Flight Terminal or Hotel, or 72 GBP p/p to any London Hotel.

07:00am Shuttle is scheduled to leave your ship at 7:00am. Driver will be ready by 06:30am. This service is not available from all ships, only those which arrive between 4am - 5:30am. We ask you to be off the ship by 6:45am. This Early Bird service goes only to Heathrow Airport and is considered to be an urgent express for people catching flights which leave later than 10:30am.

09:30am Shuttle is scheduled to leave your ship at 9:30am. Driver will be ready by 08:45am. We ask you to aim to be off the ship by 9am. Because we are waiting for only 3 or 4 couples, we often get away early. (please don't linger on the ship waiting for 9:30am, as everyone else will be in the van waiting.)

We make drops in a logical geograpic order starting with Windsor / Heathrow Airport at about 11:00am. We will drop you right at your required flight terminal or Hotel. (Please have your flight number handy so our driver can check). Then we proceed into Central London and drop you off right at your own hotel; apartment; Railway Station or private address in Central London.


We are proud of our reputation for providing well organised, reliable and prompt transportation from London to Southampton and from Southampton to London to clients from all over the globe who are reliant on dedicated professionals taking care of their important Southampton cruise transfers

Southampton Shuttle Time-table and detailed pricing is shown above. All transfer prices are fixed, with a guarantee of no hikes, cancellations or schedule changes before your Southampton Shuttle booking date. Oh, and we also guarantee a FULL REFUND should you have unfortunate circumstances that require cancellation of your Southampton Shuttle booking up to just 15 days before your Southampton transfer date.

Southampton Cruise Terminals

There are four Southampton Cruise Terminals, each can accommodate the largest deep water ship currently on the high seas. Unlike cruise terminals in other parts of the world, at Southampton the ships berth right up against the terminal. The ships' walkway connects directly insidCity Cruise Terminal - Southamptone the terminal, so there is minimal walking and no tenders. The Porters are always on hand to help you with luggage and there are plenty of carts if you want to haul your own. Signs indicate that tipping is NOT required at, but it’s nice to give the price of a cup of tea if your porter has been particularly helpful (and you will find that they are)

There are toilets but no shops. Refreshments are limited and you may need local currency change for the vending machine. (Pounds)

Ocean Terminal - Accessed through gate 4 the newest and most modern

City Terminal - Accessed through gates 8; 10 and 20, modern and large enough

Mayflower Terminal - Accessed through gates 8; 10 and 20, small with limited seating

QE II Terminal - Accessed through Gate 4, older, like an aircraft hanger. Vehicles drive inside to drop off and collect clients.

Most hotels in Southampton are located within a mile or so of the cruise terminals. It’s a short drive in a local taxi which the staff at hotel reception will arrange for you.

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P and O,  SouthamptonPrincess Cruises SouthamptonCelebrity Cruises SouthamptonRegent Seven Seas,  Southampton

Service Promise

We will be on time.

We will never cancel a Southampton Shuttle service once bookings have been accepted - even if you are the only customer.

We aim to answer email enquiries about our Southampton Shuttle Service the same working day.

We make full refund if you have to cancel your Southampton Shuttle 15 days or more before travel.

We love answering questions about your Southampton Shuttle Transportation - email your enquiry

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