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9th Mar 2020 (last update). If your contract pre-dates this date, conditions on your ticket or written agreement prevail.

1) Application

These conditions apply to verbal and written agreements equally. Agreements will be between Silver Fleet Transfers Ltd, hereinafter called ‘The Company’ and ‘The Hirer’ who will nominate a responsible person. This person, in the absence of change, will be the originator of the enquiry from The Company. ‘Lead Passenger’ is the person in charge on the day of transfer and may or may not be The Hirer, but will be responsible for any additional costs incurred as a result of any request to change itinerary. 

2) Sales and REFUND Policy 

From 9th Mar 2020. (for new contracts made after this date)

All transportation payments are fully refundable (less Refund Service Charge of 10 Pounds) so long as yThe Customer can provide at least 15 days notice. After that there is no refund for any reason.

Partial refunds will be treated in the same way.

3) Shuttle pickups form Heathrow traveling to Southampton and Dover

SHARED SHUTTLE will ONLY collect customers from a Hotel close to Heathrow or one in central London and then only if they have stayed there the night. This service is not available to those who fly in on the same day as travel.

4) Quotations

Prices quoted are always in Pounds (GBP) and include tolls, taxes, parking fees and all other operational costs, but exclude any tip that any passenger may want to give the driver. There are never any hidden extras. Prices quoted always exclude entrance fees to any tourist site (but include the car parking fee at that place).

4a) Tipping 

Tipping in UK is not compulsory as it is in other countries. Tips are neither mandetory nor expected. But if you feel compelled to give the driver a tip it will be graciously accepted.

5) Driving Route

The route used is at the discretion of The Company, unless particularly specified by the hirer, in which case it will be clearly shown on the travel voucher or ticket

6) Foreign Currency Cash Payment.
As a last resort, we may sometimes accept foreign (hard) currency to the driver on day of transfer. The exchange rate for such transactions will be determined by the BUYING rate offered by the nearest available Bureaux de-change. This is the same rate that would be offered to The Hirer or the Lead Passenger over the counter at the same Bureaux de-change. Any commission fee required by the Bureaux de-change would also be added to the final amount payable.

7) Exchange Rates
Prices are always, and can only be, quoted in British Pounds. To find your national currency equivalent you should contact your credit card issuer who is the organisation who makes the conversion when you pay by credit card.

8) Use of Vehicle
The hirer cannot assume use of the vehicle between outward and return journey, nor to remain at destination for hirers use unless previously agreed with the company.

9) Route and Time Variation
Where ever possible The Company will try to accommodate last minute changes but in extreme circumstances The company reserves the right to levy additional charges for additional mileage or time than that agreed to accommodate late or lost passengers or the like.

10) Driver Hours
The hours of operations for the driver of large coaches (9 passengers or more) are regulated by law. Neither the hirer or passenger shall delay or interrupt the journey in such as way that the driver is breaching regulations. If a breach occurs, including a delayed departure for lost or late passengers, the hirer will be required to accept a compulsory rest stop for driver before reaching destination and the resulting additional costs incurred. Working hours of drivers of vehicles of 8 passenger capacity or less are not regulated by law. Nevertheless, no Hirer or Passenger will require any driver to work longer than what that driver considers to be safe.

11) Seating and Luggage Capacity
At the time of booking the seating capacity will be specified along with maximum allowable luggage load. The hirer must not load the vehicle beyond maximum capacity. Shared Shuttle customers who under declare their luggage load may be refused transfer.

12) Conveyance of Animals
No animals (other than guide dogs notified to the company in advance) may be carried on a vehicle without prior written agreement from the company.

13) Unusual items of luggage
Explicit written permission of The Company is required for the conveyance of any extraordinary item such as (but not limited to);-

Motorised Wheelchairs
Any luggage case weighing more than 80lbs (36kgs)
Anything larger than a 40 inch luggage case

The Hirer must notify The Company about any Pedestrian Wheelchairs, so that adequate stowage provision may be made

14) Cancellation by the Company
In the event of circumstances beyond the company’s control e.g. civil unrest, strikes, police road closures, terrorist attacks etc (including adverse weather and road conditions) or in the event of the hirer taking any action varying agreed conditions unilaterally the company may, by returning all money paid and without further liability cancel the contract.

15) Vehicle to be provided
The company reserves the right to provide a larger vehicle than that specified. In such circumstances no additional charges will be levied. The company reserves the right to substitute another vehicle (including those of other operators) or ancillary facilities for all or part of hiring subject to substitutes being of equivalent value.

16) Breakdowns and Delays
The company gives its advice on journey time in good faith. However as a result of breakdown, traffic congestion or other events beyond the reasonable control of the company, journeys may take longer than expected and in those circumstances the company will not be liable for loss or inconvenience caused to the hirer.

17) Passengers Property
It is the Passengers responsibility to ensure all luggage and personal belongings are in their possession after alighting a vehicle. The cost of returning any items left on-board will be born by the Passenger.

18) Conduct of Passengers
The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle at all times, and as such may remove any passenger from the vehicle whose behaviour prejudices safety. The hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by any passenger for the duration of the hire.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be imbibed in any vehicle whether or not the vehicle is moving. Any passenger refusing to cease will be put off at the nearest safe place.

19) Complaints
In the event of a complaint the hirer should seek a solution at the time from the driver or company. If a remedy has not been provided, complaints should be submitted in writing to The Operations Director within 14 days of terminations time of hire.


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